This Week's Column: Child's Play

Jan 15, 2012
All soccer fans, who would like to visit the unseen-before part of the Europe should definitely come to Euro 2012 soccer championship, which is hosted by 4 Polish and 4 Ukrainian cities.

Found here: Pokrovskiy Sobor in Kharkiv

I have distant relatives in Kharkhiv (they have pretty achitecture there, let me show you a link), so I will definitely check out Euro 2012.

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Dry comedy

May 30, 2007
Comedy could be different. How do you treat dry comedy?

This young comedian is pretty good at it.

Fluffy comedy

Apr 3, 2007
Do you like stand-up comedy?

Check out fluffy comedy by Gabriel Iglesias.

My favorite comedy video

Jul 30, 2006
This is just a whole universe of humour for me.

Funny Memories

Jul 20, 2006
He is just hilarious, don't you think so?


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